Hi I'm oliver

I've been on a spiritual path for over 25 years searching for truth and the “light bulb” moments that happen when we internally realise that what we are reading, hearing or seeing is true. These moments ring deep within us. The journey of discovery has taken me around the world seeking knowledge and wisdom. I have delved into the ancient and strange world of magical studies, energy healing and self development. Now it is time to share my tools and discoveries with you.

Helping You Create a

Life You Love!​

My mission is to help as many people as I can to live their lives full of passion and purpose. Free from limiting energies and beliefs. I would love to help you reach your full potential and help you master your life.

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What others say about Oliver…

Daniel Martin

You are one of those people that does something you just can’t explain…. knowing how you feel when you walk in versus how you feel when you walk out is the only true test of your abilities to create change”


Ben Korklin

“I was suffering with a health issue. Again as an extremely logical person, I cannot understand how you took the pain away, but you did.”

Accountant - Practice Partner

Lisa Cato

“Oliver is a ‘wonder’ I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him and could talk and talk with him for hours, days and months”

The Business Catalyst

Al Tepper

Oliver is a marvel. A phenomenon. An inexplicable wonder of energy that just changes your emotional frequency and moves you forwards. Don’t ask how. Just go with it and enjoy. And love the new you.


Michelle RaMage

“Beyond doubt some of the most profound healing I have experienced. I have struggled for years to shift certain things I had carried with me since childhood and through both the heart healing and karma matrix removal I finally laid to rest the burdens I carried. I have never felt better or more in alignment. Thank you with all of me… my heart pours love and light”

Mother & Healer

Susan Halil

“It is impossible to explain exactly what you do and how you do it but I can attest to feeling a whole lot better for it immediately afterwards & in the following days with very positive outcomes”


Special Approach To Every Client!

Everyone is different and we all require a different approach to healing based on our life experiences. I use similar healing modalities but tailored to the individuals needs.

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